Burial Search Find your relatives or ancestors

Due to the Privacy Act, we are prohibited from disclosing the names of the authorised owner / owners or next of kin of a deceased person.

Early records are not as comprehensive as more current ones and in most instances do not provide the more detailed information. We cannot guarantee that our historical records are correct in this instance.

Neither the Burial Search facility nor records held have information on maiden names, names of parents, names of siblings, newspaper announcements, or immigration.

You must not use, download, copy, communicate, distribute, sell, or publish online or in print or in any other format any part of the information obtained from the search facility, except in the context of an individual family history.

Please contact our secretary if you require further information or clarification around information presented on this website.

Note: for accuracy when searching for a deceased person, all information must be entered into the available fields correctly eg spelling or year of death. Completing one field at a time may provide more accurate information.